A Vision of Hope A Legacy of Success

More than 50 years ago, the former headmasters of Westminster, Avon Old Farms, Loomis, Kingswood and Suffield met to form the WALKS Foundation. The name of this unique collaboration would come from the first letter of each school’s name but each contributed so much more than that. The headmasters realized that their respective schools had the ability to provide a quality education that would open doors to college and a successful career for the young people who would pass through their doorways. They envisioned a program that would help students whose potential for success was restricted only by the financial limitations of their families. They had faith that business and civic leaders from Greater Hartford would share their belief in the value of academic excellence and opportunity. They hoped that these corporate leaders would in turn be willing to exercise that faith by supporting the newly established scholarship. They visualized a business community where current leaders would support the development of the next generation of leaders.

The WALKS Foundation continues this legacy today. Its main focus is to provide students from Greater Hartford an opportunity to attend one of its five member schools. Although family finances are limited, each student possesses the talent, commitment, and energy to succeed in a competitive academic environment. Over the years, hundreds of inner city students have been helped. For each, the door of opportunity has resulted in success and achievement for themselves and the community which they serve.